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Private Management


We manage your hives on your property.

Private Residence, Golf or Country Club,  

Roof Top,  Farm   

Nucs & Queen Bees


Nucs and queens are raised by Sierra's Bees and usually available March through November

Guided Beekeeping


Want to learn about beekeeping, but don't know where to start? Sierra will come to you and start you on this epic journey. 



 Sierra's Bees travel thousands of miles every year to pollinate Almonds in California and Blueberries in Maine.

Raw Honey


Honey production is only a small part of what Sierra does, but truly the sweetest part.  We can help you design your own private honey label.

Organic Body Products


Honey and wax based body products. 

Lip balm, Body Scrubs, Face Cream, Body Butter

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949.784.9714 / sierrasbees@gmail.com

We would love to chat with you about your specific needs.